[FIXED] Sonar Scanner: No quality profiles have been found

Sometimes after running Sonar Scanner you could get error message like this:

No quality profiles have been found, you probably don’t have any language plugin installed.

This is because Sonar Scanner cannot find any quality profile for your project. Especially when you updated your SonarQube server lately.

No worries – there are couple of things you can do to fix it.

Reason 1: No required plugins installed

To quickly validate your setup just check the response from <sonar.host.url>/api/plugins/installed – it should contains list of installed plugins. For example If you want to scan JS project – you need to have SonarJS plugin installed.

If you don’t have it – just go to your Sonar server, then Administration > Marketplace and install it from the list. After doing that you will be asked to restart the service – it’s required for new plugins to be available.

Reason 2: No Quality Gates defined

To fix this you need to login to your Sonar server and go to Settings > Quality profiles. If the list is empty just click Create.

More info about Quality Gates you can find in the official documentation.